Mathew & Son

There’s a five minute break and that’s all you take, for a cup of cold coffee & a piece of cake.

Patty’s sponge cake soaked in Tia Maria and a cold coffee reduction with vanilla ice cream, stuffed raspberries in mascarpone & oversized meringue shards

Sweet Like Chocolate

You’re sweet like chocolate, boy……You’re sweet like chocolate You bring me so much joy…………….. You’re sweet like chocolate

Decadent chocolate pudding with vanilla crème anglaise, fresh raspberries, green tea moss & chocolate soil

Smooth Operator

A license to love, insurance to hold. Melts all your memories, change into gold. His eyes are like angels, his heart is cold. No need to ask. He’s a smooth operator..

Smooth & silky unmolded vanilla crème brûlée w seasonal fruit & Infuzions’ yuzu curd


In the night, the stormy night, She closed her eyes, In the night, the stormy night, Away she’d fly.. & dreamed of para- para- paradise.

Over sized goblet w a flourless chocolate brownie, whipped cream, seansonal fruit, three scoops of ice cream & a spun sugar crown.